Buena Vista Entertainments' Disc Jockeys

Alan Alex Graeme
Gus Keith Neil
Nick Pete

Booking through this service guarantees the following:

A professional disc jockey who is entertaining.

A professional disc jockey who knows when, and when not, to use a microphone.

A professional clear sound system.

A professional lighting system without company advertising lighting up your reception.

A professional disc jockey who dresses smartly to perform at your party.

A music request form is provided at the time of booking to allow you to dictate what music will be played, and/or not played at your reception, not purely choosing your first and second dances.

A large music collection allowing guests to request music at your reception.

In most cases, a disc jockey who can also assist your guests in ceilidh dancing with the disc jockey "calling" the dances.

As Keith, one of our disc jockeys, feels we need to remind you: "If you think it's expensive hiring a professional, wait until you hire an amateur!" Is it worth taking the risk? We hope you don't think so.