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First Dance Lessons

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That first dance... with the right step

The ceremony’s over, the wedding meal and nerve-wracking speeches are done. But there’s one more butterfly-inducing moment – the first dance with your new spouse.

Don’t worry, help is at hand. Our dance team have developed a series of lessons that can bring out the dancer in you and your spouse-to-be.

Dancing close with your partner in a confident manner when you have not done it before can be a daunting experience – especially for the groom. We appreciate that couples are usually not planning to become ballroom dancers, but rather wish that this special moment is not marred by feeling over self-conscious or awkward.

Our approach will allow you to take the floor with confidence, even if you have never danced a step before, avoid learning lots of complex footwork, let you dance with your own special music, make you look like you have been doing this for years!

We tailor the session to meet your needs, and can work two on two with the bride and groom, or with other members of the wedding party if required. The emphasis is on fun and ensuring a relaxed, comfortable approach.

Sessions can be arranged at a mutually convenient venue, or at your home if you have the space.

So put your best foot forward and contact us to make you start your evening reception by taking the right step.