Ceilidh Band 10

Ceilidh Band 10

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Ceilidhs (with excellent caller) and disco with our 3 piece band / caller / DJ. We specialise in bringing ceilidhs to an international audience. If most of your guests are non-Scots, or if they have never ceilidh-danced (or if they are Scots who are likely to have forgotten all of the steps learned in their schooldays!) then we are the perfect band & caller for the occasion.

Experience - We have extensive experience of such events – from playing at the wedding of the CEO of Marlboro, to bringing a ceilidh to the UK Ambassador’s reception in Florence and playing at literally hundreds of weddings and occasions in Scotland – we know how to get the whole room dancing (even the shyer members) across all age groups.

Running Order - We have developed a fantastic Running Order of dances, with the first dances of the evening being fun, fast and easy to pick up - especially the Strip the Willow and our trademark length-of-the-room Virginia Reel. This really helps build people’s confidence.

Music - the music is lively and infectious - our players all play to national orchestra standard, our fiddler has toured with Smokey Robinson & our drummer with Lou Reed & INXS.

Caller – Hugely important - We take great care over the calling of dances, making sure everyone knows what they are doing before we introduce the music, and we have a lot of fun doing it too. All in all, it’s a great night guaranteed every time, and we don’t ‘lose’ guests.

Disco – All of our weddings now feature the ceilidh in the first half with our disco in the second half by popular demand! Our DJ has over 3000 tracks in the library, and we always look to pitch the music appropriately to your event. Most weddings finish with a flourish with The Proclaimers (500 Miles), Runrig (Loch Lomond) and Auld Lang Syne. We have a regular playlist, that satisfies most tastes (meaning you can relax and leave it all up to us) but we are always happy to tailor the playlist to your exact requirements.

Recent testimonials

All we can say is that they were absolutely fantastic - we thought they were the best ceilidh band we have ever seen and the DJ set at the end was fab. I don't think the dance floor was empty all evening...I know that we barely left it ourselves. We would definitely book them for any future events so please pass our heartfelt thanks to the band.

The entertainment from the band was superb, the ceilidh at the start was spot on, got everybody hot and sweaty! Disco was also good, music was a nice mix and the floor was never empty. We’ve been getting asked about the band ever since. Gordon & Margaret Robertson

Just a quick email to say a huge thank you to you, Iain and the band. What a fantastic night EVERYONE had such a great time. The band and music after them was spot on. We can't thank you enough. Denise

They were brilliant, the ceilidh went down really well with my guests who have commented on how muched they enjoyed it; plus all the songs played. I would just like to thank you and them for being part of making my day amazing. Jenna.

We had an absolutely fab day and ceilidh band 10 were absolutely brilliant. Everyone absolutely loved them! Laura B.

They are the best ceilidh band we have ever experienced; fun and easy dance calling with a fantastic sound. All our guests keeps on commenting on how great our entertainment was!! Dougie & Alexis

Their fee, available on request, is all-inclusive and includes all of the following:

The three piece band, DJ, dance calling, PA system, lighting, transport, arrangement fee and relevant VAT assuming access from 7pm for setting up, 8pm -10pm Ceilidh session and 10pm - 12 midnight DJ set. They are happy to go beyond midnight, for an additional fee of £100 per hour. £25 early booking discount is available upon enquiry.

The rates provided above have been negotiated by Buena Vista Entertainments, the owners of this website. These fees are cheaper than booking the band directly due to our strong relationship.

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